Manitowoc County Historical Society Archives


Discovering your family’s history is an amazing journey.

Census records, newspaper articles, photographs, and other artifacts hold the keys to a past we can only imagine. Our local history archives may be able to help you in your search. Download and print our Local History Archives Guide.

  • Compiled written history of Manitowoc County

  • Manitowoc County plat books for family owned land

  • Manitowoc County immigration dates and declarations from 1848 to 1929

  • Manitowoc County cemetery lists

  • Manitowoc County Civil War veterans biographies

  • Compiled village and town histories

  • Various church records including: St. Wendel, St. Isidore, St. Fidelis, St. Patrick

  • City and county directories beginning in 1864

  • Various one-room school materials, attendance records, and yearbooks. 

  • A collection of early Manitowoc newspapers is also available for limited examination and referencing.

  • Thousands of images and documents for our County's cities, towns, and rural villages.

  • Local business records and documentation

  • Donated scrapbooks

  • Oral histories have also been collected and are available in various formats on a wide-range of subjects. 


Collection Features

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Stories from our Archives

Learn about the people and places of our local history through articles written from our archives materials.