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Our objects and archives tell a story about people and places in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. We are grateful to you for thinking of the Manitowoc County Historical Society as a potential home for your treasures, both physical and monetary.


make a monetary donation

While there are no charges for research requests, donations are of vital importance as we work to purchase the needed materials to properly preserve our treasured artifacts for generations to come. 

To mail a donation, please send a check to
Manitowoc County Historical Society
924 Pinecrest Road
Manitowoc, WI 54220

To make an online archives donation, please click HERE


artifact donations

As we plan for the future, prudent development of our artifact collection is especially important. Decisions are based on your object’s history and significance to the history of the Manitowoc County region, and its relationship to artifacts already in our collection.

The Manitowoc County Historical Society accepts donations of original materials documenting the history of our community. Examples of the types of materials preserved in the Archives include letters, photographs, diaries, unpublished memoirs and manuscripts, all forms of two dimensional artwork, original tape recordings, original film and video footage and architectural drawings.

The following form MUST be filled out for your donation to be considered. When you press submit, it will automatically be sent to the Manitowoc County Historical Society staff for review. Please allow for a minimum of two weeks for review by the Artifacts Committee.

Donation Criteria:
Because of its specific mission and limited resources, the Manitowoc County Historical Society only accepts artifacts that meet ALL of the following criteria:
1. The object must relate in a significant way to the history of what the Manitowoc County Historical Society represents.
2. Sufficient information about the history and function of the artifact must be available at the time of acceptance to justify the research and/or interpretation value of the object.
3. The object must not represent an unnecessary duplication of artifacts already in the collection.
4. The Manitowoc County Historical Society must be reasonably assured that the donor has legal title to the artifact and can convey that title to the Manitowoc County Historical Society. 
5. The artifact can be acquired without restrictions (such as requirements for long-term loan, permanent display, or exhibition of an entire collection).
6. The object is in reasonable condition, has no extraordinary conservation needs, and can be adequately stored and cared for by the Manitowoc County Historical Society.

You will be contacted if your offered donation is accepted along with instructions to fill out and sign a Deed of Gift form. 

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