Cub Scout Programs

We’re excited to offer exclusive programs for Tiger Scouts, Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs, and Webelos! Each program is designed to help packs fulfill requirements towards Cub Scout Adventure requirements.

Private scout programs allow you to pick the day and program for your troop. All Manitowoc County Historical Society-based Cub Scout troop programs satisfy requirements towards select badge fulfillment, unless otherwise noted. Advance registration is required.

Cub Scout programs are 90 minutes long, unless otherwise noted, and may be reserved during operating hours.

  • All programs are led by Manitowoc County Historical Society staff and volunteers and make use of the Society’s objects, images, maps, and documents.

  • Programs must be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance.

  • Programs cost $6 per scout, sibling, leader, and parent. Pinecrest Historical Village admission is included in the cost, should your group decide to explore on your own after your program.

  • A minimum of 10 scouts is required to reserve a program.

  • Programs can have up to 30 scouts, unless otherwise noted, and must have one adult chaperone for every 10 scouts.

  • Lunch space is available both indoors and outdoors at our site.

  • The Manitowoc County Historical Society is open from May 1st to October 24th, Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm.

  • Scout groups are responsible for purchasing the badge following the completion of the program with MCHS.

  • Click “REGISTER” under your desired program to complete the online registration form.

  • Send an email to, or call (920) 684-4445 with questions regarding Cub Scout programs.

Family Stories.JPG

Family stories (Tiger grade 1)

What is your family history? What is your city’s history? Find out more about immigration and moving to Manitowoc. Activities include creating a family crest and exploring where your family came from.


Tiger-iffic! (Tiger grade 1)

Let’s play games that kids played in the 1900s! Build teamwork skills as you play together and create your own games. Tigers will learn fun games from the past, play a game as a team, and make a game to take home.

Tiger Tag.JPG

tiger tag (tiger grade 1)

Learn how to be a team player by taking part in 2 pioneer relay games! Tigers will team up in sack races and a bucket brigade (you may want to bring dry clothes!) to learn important teamwork skills.

Tiger Tales.JPG

Tiger tales (Tiger grade 1)

Play a fun pioneer game, join in singing folk songs, and visit our Pinecrest Historical Village. Meets requirements 5, 6, and 7.

Code of the Wolf.JPG

Code of the wolf (Wolf grade 2)

Math is all around us and has been historically proven to be fun! Play a pioneer game using math to keep score. Take a nature walk through our village and identify shapes. Write a message in Morse Code.

Collections and Hobbies.JPG

Collections and Hobbies (Wolf grade 2)

Explore one of our collections. Requirements 1 and 2 should be met before your visit and requirement 5 will need to be completed at home.

Grow Something.JPG

Grow something (Wolf grade 2)

Be a gardener! Gardens were crucial to life in the 1900s, allowing people to grow what they needed to eat. Learn about growing conditions for seeds and how to maintain a garden. Craft a terrarium to take home and use as an indoor garden!

Baloo the Builder.JPG

Baloo the Builder (Bear grade 3)

Be a carpenter! Making things out of wood was an important skill in the past and is still useful today. Learn how to use woodworking tools safely as you create a fun, useful project. This is a 3 hour program.

Marble Madness.JPG

Marble Madness (bear grade 3)

Become a marble master! Kids have enjoyed this complex game for hundreds of years. Make your own marbles and a bag to keep them in. Learn the secret code words of playing marbles as you play a game called “Ringer”.

Cast Iron Chef.JPG

Cast Iron Chef (webelos grade 5)

Be an expert chef! In the 1900s, cooking was done using fire. Webelos will cook a simple meal on a wood-burning stove. Learn how to start a fire and maintain it safely, then prepare and cook a meal like true cast iron chefs. This is a 3 hour program.

Build It.JPG

Build It (webelos grade 5)

Be a builder! Making things using wood was a crucial part of life in the past, and it’s still a great skill to have today. Learn how to safely use a variety of woodworking tools as you create your own carpentry project. Explore the Village to learn more about builders in the past and the objects they made.  This is a 3 hour program.