Daily Tour Experience

Discover our museum on a self-guided daily visit with one of our audio tour options below. See our calendar for special programs, like Trades Thursday or Kids Free Day, that take place both weekdays and weekends.


Classic tour: "Voices of the Past"

Tour the structures of Pinecrest Historical Village with voices of those who lived, worked, and visited the buildings. 


SEek and Find

Developed especially for families and young visitors, this hunt game and a quiz will help you to discover the campus in 10 interactive stops. You can read one of the stops below:

By 1900, most farmers were using large draft horses to pull their machines instead of oxen. These horses were bigger than riding horses so they would have more power to pull wagons and machines in the field. Horses are measured in "hands". This was measured by putting a man's fist on top of the other from the ground to the top of the horse's shoulders. A hand is about 4 inches. Draft horses are usually 16 to 19 hands tall.

On the livery stable fence post, there is a measuring post for you to find out how many hands tall you are!


Creating our story

Coming Soon!

Hear about the development of Pinecrest Historical Village through our volunteers.