We connect visitors to the history of Wisconsin through exhibits on topics ranging from prehistory to the present.
Exhibits are open at the McAllister House Welcome Center and historic structures throughout the MCHS campus.


"What Makes us who we are"

Discover the unique stories of our past with our "What Makes Us Who We Are" exhibit inside the McAllister House Welcome Center. The exhibit takes you through Native American tribes, pioneer settlement, and innovative movements. The prized Flag of Company A greets visitors and shares its unique story of creation, war, and coming home. An interactive Civil War tent also features hands-on learning opportunities for our young visitors. 

Did you know Manitowoc had a circus training school?  See video footage from the circus school, as well as other home movies and content from our media archives.


Temporary exhibits

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Sitkiewitz Circus Comes to Town

August 23 through September 20 2017

Enchanted with the big top since childhood, Manitowoc's George Sitkiewitz built his own miniature Barnum and Bailey world in his basement. Promoted as the "Geo. Bros. Circus", the handmade pieces are on display from August 25 through September 22. 

Flaming red wagons, decorated with swishes of gold scrollwork, haul wildlife from around the world. There are feats of skill and wild animal acts. There's a lion tamer cracking a whip at a big cat sitting on a stool, while in another ring other members of the feline family roll balls and leap through a hoop.

Sitkiewitz utilized common household items in making his creations. Toothpicks and thin plant dowels are spokes in the wagon wheels, and the lion's stool is an empty thread spool.

The pieces on display represent a small selection of Sitkiewitz's work.

Your turn! You can make the carousel go around and take your turn at creating your own model!