Family gatherings

What a wonderful facility! Our family visited this past summer for my sister’s 80th birthday celebration. Our family lived on the farm with the pond next door. We need to get back and spend more time during one of the special events.
— Goehring Family, 2016

The Manitowoc County Historical Society offers you something a little different than most places when it comes to meeting and event location options.

Rental sites may include the Niles Church, Nennig Dance Pavilion, the outdoor village green (outside the Niles Church), Two Creeks Town Hall and the Pinecrest Saloon. Your reservation includes daytime operating hours (9 am to 4 pm) on the day of your rental.  This time can also be used for any set-up needs you may have. Additional hours may be available from 4 pm to 9 pm for rental at a price of $100 per hour.

Contact MCHS to begin planning your family or business event.  MCHS Members do receive a 10% discount on rental fees.