Heirloom Gardens

The world we live in today is much different than our ancestors a century ago. Our heirloom gardens are designed to look back at historic gardens, crops, and practices so we can appreciate where we are today and learn.

Sustainable living and nutrition are vital tools to learn and our museum can play an important role in that discovery for children and adults. In our fast-paced world, our heirloom gardens and beautiful scenic museum campus provide for the ideal environment to discover and explore the soil and crops around us.

Kunze Cabin Garden, spring 2017

Kunze Cabin Garden, spring 2017


Growing gardeners programs

Growing Gardeners will utilize the heirloom gardens at the 60-acre Pinecrest Historical Village. The program focuses on knowledge of nature and gardening and sustainable food practices.  The program is sponsored by Cellcom Green Gifts.

Programs in the series include focuses on planting, kitchen gardens, and cooking. 

Upcoming Programs: