McAllister House Welcome Center

Your journey starts here.

The McAllister house is believed to be the oldest standing farmhouse in Manitowoc County.  Originally located on Plank Road in Manitowoc Rapids, the home was built by Hiram McAllister, one of the first settlers of Manitowoc County who came to the area in 1837.  

After working his 178-acre farm for many years, McAllister returned to New York State in the 1870s.  Other owners of the property included John Landreth, Henry and August Eberhardt and Agon Haupt.
On May 1st, 2013, the McAllister House opened at Pinecrest Historical Village, following a successful $200,000 campaign to transform the building.  Each year, thousands of visitors will cross the wide plank pine floors and explore history inside the walls of hand split lathe that once provided shelter to Manitowoc County pioneers such as Hiram McAllister and the August Eberhardt family. 

The building includes local history exhibits, research library and archives, as well as the Society's administrative offices.