Cheese Factory

Oral history stated that cheese was made in this building by Tina Lueloff until about 1893.  It was moved to Pinecrest in 1997.  As you walk up the steps to the building there is a large hoist which makes it possible to lift full cans of milk and then dump it into the weigh tank.  This tank makes it possible to record the amount of milk delivered by the farmer.

The milk goes through the conductor to the hand fired cheese vat.  Rennet and starter are added to the mix and the heated milk is thickened.  The thickened milk is cut in 1/8 inch cubes, cooked to 102 degrees and stirred until firm. 

The whey is then drained off by cutting the curd into cubes. Salt is added and then the hoops are filled and pressed overnight.  The cheese then comes out of the hoops, is washed and placed in the cooling room.  The whole process takes about 9 hours.

The cooling room has a small table desk where samples of milk are tested for butterfat – ensuring farmers are being paid properly for their milk. 

Behind the cheese factory is the whey tank and pump where the whey that was drained from the cheese flows into and then is available for the farmer to pick up.