Print Shop (Siecker building)

Built in 1866, this building was the home of the Ludwig and Elizabeth Siecker family until 1908. It was then used as a summer kitchen by the Willie Schramm family until it was converted into a garage in 1942.

The building was donated to the Manitowoc County Historical Society by Don and Arlene Ummus in 1979.

From the 1980s to 2013, the building served as the Welcome Center/Gift Shop and admissions area for Village visitors. In 2015 the building opened as the Village Print Shop.

Printing begins with a handwritten manuscript that must then be set in type.  Each piece of needed type is placed in the composing stick from right to left, so when printed it will read correctly from left to right.  An experienced printer can set over 1,000 pieces of type in an hour. 

The shop includes a Chandler and Price handfed press, used at the Manitowoc Herald newspaper, and a smaller Kelsey and Company Press, perfect for public notices and personal correspondence. 

Printers owe much credit to J. Edward Hamilton of Two Rivers.  He founded the original Hamilton factory, called J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company.