Two Creeks Town Hall

Built in 1893, this one story frame town hall served as the seat of government for the Town of Two Creeks in northeastern Manitowoc County until it was replaced by a new town building in 1970.

It was donated by the Town of Two Creeks in 1991 and moved to Pinecrest Historical Village in the spring of 1992. The town hall was originally located on the southeast corner of State Highway 42 and Tapawingo Road about 8 miles north of the City of Two Rivers. 

Because of the many power lines and utility wires along the 26.5 mile moving route the roof was completely removed and the gabled ends of the building hinged, then lowered by carpenters from Mike Check Builders.

This saved about $40,000 in estimated utility costs. Moving costs were paid by the Town of Two Creeks and a matching grant from the Wisconsin Electric Power Company/Point Beach Nuclear Plant. Donations were also received from the Towns of Liberty, Schleswig and Centerville, and from the Hugo and Eleanor Vetting Memorial Fund.

The Two Creeks Town Hall, a 26 x 40 foot frame building, has a single front door, four six-over-six pane windows on each of its long sides, a gabled roof and brick chimney. The interior features a plank floor, plaster walls and the original wood-burning stove. The ceiling fixtures with the white globes are from the old Fire Station formerly located at 911 Franklin Street in downtown Manitowoc.

As municipal units of government go, the town preceded any village or city in Manitowoc County. Immediately after Wisconsin became a state in 1848, Manitowoc County was organized into four towns: Manitowoc, Manitowoc Rapids, Two Rivers and Meeme. Each of these towns elected its own governing body which included a chairman, clerk, treasurer and three supervisors. The chairman of these “Town Boards” then served on the Board of Supervisors for Manitowoc County. 

In 1785, when the vast lands of the Northwest Territory were first surveyed, the town was used as the standard measure of land. It is a tract of land six square miles in size containing 36 sections. Each section is one square mile and contains 640 acres. Each town was assigned a township and range number and the sections within the town were sequentially numbered from 1 to 36.

Between 1848, when the first towns were organized, and 1859 fourteen additional towns were established in Manitowoc County (Cooperstown, Gibson, Two Creeks, Maple Grove, Franklin, Kossuth, Mishicot, Rockland, Cato, Eaton, Liberty, Newton, Schleswig and Centerville), totaling the 18 which exist today. The county also presently has 9 incorporated villages (Cleveland, Francis Creek, Kellnersville, Maribel, Mishicot, Reedsville, St. Nazianz, Valders and Whitelaw) and 3 cities (Manitowoc, Two Rivers and Kiel) within its boundaries.

Two Creeks was the last of the towns to be organized in the county when it was separated from the town of Mishicot in 1859. It was originally named Rowley, after early settler Peter Rowley, but was changed to Two Creeks in 1861.