Pre-Visit Information

Be sure to take time before your visit to review the following with your students and adult chaperones so everyone is prepared for their visit. Here, you'll find everything you need to plan for your upcoming field trip. We're looking forward to hosting you and your students.


Before your visit

Thoroughly review your schedule. Is everything accurate including arrival time, lunch time, museum store schedule, and programs you wish to take part in? 

During organized Discovery Days, buildings are open from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm with flexible start and end times for your group. An authentic 1870s school time, as well as a lunch time, will be assigned to you.

Please remember that multiple schools may be touring at the same time, so staying in your groups or with a chaperone is important. 


Organize your students into Groups

Each tour station stop can accommodate up to 15 students at one time. In most Discovery Day tours there are 6 station stops with costumed interpreters. 

Example: 60 students total

Students should be split into 4 groups of 15. Students could also be split into smaller groups with six groups of 10. Each sub-group will rotate through the stations stops.

Once you receive your contract, divide students into the groups specified. If you have multiple groups, please arrange student groups by bus. Delays caused by shuffling or redistributing your students upon arrival can disrupt your tour arrangements.

Manitowoc County Historical Society staff can offer helpful suggestions to make your field trip a success.



Please keep your sack lunches on your bus until your assigned lunch time.  During your lunch time, the lunches can be brought to your assigned picnic area.


Prepare your students

Remind all group members that they are ambassadors for their organization and community. Please show respect for our site – treat buildings and objects gently; dispose of trash in the garbage, don't climb fences – so that the things that you enjoy today can be enjoyed by other schools and visitors many years into the future.


During Your Visit

Check in at the main entrance before beginning your tour.

When you arrive, please have the students and chaperones remain seated. A school leader should go to the McAllister House Welcome Center to receive printed schedules and final instructions. 

Please direct students to follow the instructions of Manitowoc County Historical Society volunteers and staff. During interactive exhibits students will be instructed about which objects are okay to handle. If students have questions about an object, please encourage them to ask.

Above all, we want your experience at the Manitowoc County Historical Society and Pinecrest Village to be educational and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please contact MCHS.



The Manitowoc County Historical Society Museum/Pinecrest Historical Village is located at 924 Pinecrest Road, Manitowoc, Wisconsin.



Reservations are required for all tour programs.  Call the Manitowoc County Historical Society at (920) 684-4445 to book your tour date and type.  To be eligible for our group school group rates, you must have 10 or more students attending the tour.



The Manitowoc County Historical Society strives to provide an educational and fun experience for visitors of all abilities.  If your group has anyone with special needs, please contact our office for guidance in planning your visit.



Payment is required either prior to the tour or day of the tour.  If you are in need of an invoice for your visit, please let our office know.  Most programs operate rain or shine.  Cancelations can be made in case of severe weather or lightening.



School tour prices are $6 per student for the first program.  

Teachers are free, as are adult chaperones for every 10 students. Additional chaperones are $6 each.



Teachers are free, as is one adult for every 10 students. We recommend touring in groups of 5 to 10 students. Additional chaperones are $6 each. 



Students will love the historical toys, games, books, and more.  Students can visit the Museum Store either before or after your tour.