This is a card from one of our young visitors, Lydia, sharing the impact of her experience at our museum. Thanks Lydia!

You Can Give Our Past A Future: 2018 Annual Appeal

Dear friend,

What is your favorite story to share about our local history? The bravery of the Fifth Wisconsin marching the flag into battle? The ingenuity and dedication of the Manitowoc submarine workers during World War II? Or is it a story from your own family—your grandparents immigration journey? Your one-room school days?

We are blessed with rich history: triumphs, tragedies, heroes, and the daily lives of seemingly ordinary citizens. Our stories are diverse and cherished. Yet these treasured stories can’t survive on their own if they’re not preserved and shared.

Today, I am writing to encourage you to make a gift to give the stories of our past a future. With your support we can ensure that our community’s heritage is retold through innovative and hands-on storytelling. We can inspire the next generation to become stewards of our stories and proudly take the lead in continuing our mission and vision.

The Manitowoc County Historical Society’s Annual Appeal raises funds that support our mission through our daily operations, instead of specific restricted projects. We have a wide educational impact and are continually striving to bring the stories of our past to life through exhibits, impactful educational programs, and family-friendly events.

 How will your contribution make a positive impact?

· $45 covers materials for 1 day of educational programming for 25 students

· $100 covers support for volunteers and staff development for one month

· $450 covers one month of utility costs

· $1,500 covers the cost of our yearly postage

· $7,000 covers the initial costs of our public programs for one year

· $15,000 covers the average cost of fully repainting a Pinecrest Village structure

You have helped to create a strong, vibrant museum that has experienced a 26% increase in educational programs, 31% overall attendance growth, and a 12% increase in our historical collection in the last 8 years alone. Each year our historic Pinecrest Village structures are maintained, educational programs continue to grow, and new ways to explore our history are created. The funds raised within the Annual Appeal allow us to do all of this—and more. We continue to operate and grow from generous, private contributions from our community.

As we continue to expand the Historical Society’s offerings to meet the needs of our visitors, your gift will not only impact the museum, but those we serve. Our Manitowoc County Historical Society is an organization that remains a vital part of our community, continually pursuing new ways to preserve and share our heritage.  You can give the stories of our past a future full of possibilities. Please join me in giving generously.


Amy Meyer

Executive Director