K-12 Field Trips


The Wisconsin history you read about in text books becomes a vibrant learning experience full of activities for students and teachers to see and do. You can talk with the storekeeper, feel the heat from the blacksmith’s forge, set up a Civil War camp, play games with the local pioneer children and help with the farm chores.

Pinecrest Village is on the grounds of the Manitowoc County Historical Society complex. Pinecrest Village is a reproduction of a small Wisconsin community during the early 1900s. The buildings form the commercial, social, and political core of a town and they represent several architectural styles of Wisconsin's history. The furnishings, items, and tools in the various buildings used by the Pinecrest Village interpreters are either original pieces or carefully researched reproductions. 

Your visit is self-guided, with a map of interactive guided experiences.

Tour Groups: We recommend touring in groups of 5 to 10 students with a limit of 1 paid chaperone per group plus teachers and assistants.

Max Capacity: 200 students per day

Time:  We suggest allotting 2.5 hours to fully engage in the scheduled tour experience. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Our museum is open until 4 pm and you may take part in self-guided exploration or independent pioneer games at no additional charge. Please see fees below if scheduling a second tour option. 

Fee: $6 per student for the first program; $3 additional per student for a second program. Teachers and aids admitted at no charge. One free chaperone is allowed for every 10 students.  Additional chaperones are $6 each.

Availability: Programs are available May 1 through October 24, Tuesday through Friday. 

Contact: Please contact our Program Coordinator, Alexandra Brendemuehl, at (920) 684-4445 or programs@manitowoccountyhistory.org for more information or to register for an experience. 

 Prairie Pioneers: Making a rope bed

Prairie Pioneers: Making a rope bed

pioneer sampler (recomended for k-grade 1)

What chores would you do as a boy or girl growing up in Pinecrest Village in 1900? Your 2 hour program includes:

- making a rope bed at the Kunze House

- chores at the Sorenson House

- 1872 School lesson

- a visit to the General Store

- making butter at the Cheese Factory

- a stop at the train station to make a message in Morse code

 Pioneer Community: Working in the General Store

Pioneer Community: Working in the General Store

pioneer community (recommended for grade 2-3)

What was it like for a child to grow up in a small Wisconsin town in 1900? During this program, your students will learn the answers to this question. Meet our Village's entrepreneurs! Your 2 hour program will include:

- Mr. Witt at the blacksmith shop

- Mrs. Sorenson at her house

- Depot station agent

- Print Shop worker

- School teacher

- Mr. and Mrs. Pritzl, General Store proprietors

 Immigration: In the Kitchen

Immigration: In the Kitchen

immigration (recommended for grade 4)

Immerse yourself in a 19th-century village and interact with the people, objects and routines of life in rural Wisconsin in 1872. You can study in the one-room schoolhouse, help with chores or watch a tradesperson at work. You'll meet residents of Pinecrest Village as they go about their daily lives. You'll learn new skills and they might even tell you stories of how they came to Wisconsin. Of course it was not all work and no play; learn some typical games played by children on the prairie as well. Your 2 hour program includes:

- Practicing the cross-cut saw with the Helle-Thompson Family

- In the kitchen with Mrs. Kunze

- Chores to be done at the Sorenson Home

- 1872 School lesson

- General Store experience

- Blacksmith shop tour

 Civil War: Setting up Camp

Civil War: Setting up Camp

civil war (recommended for grade 3-5)

Dress in a Civil War jacket and hat, cook bacon and taste hardtack, learn a drill that soldiers did using Civil War “dummy” guns, and even pick up some Civil War slang. Follow along as a Civil War re-enactor takes you marching, drilling, and following the path of the Flag of Company A. This is a 3 hour program. 

 Trades Tour: Blacksmithing

Trades Tour: Blacksmithing

trades and occupations (middle school)

Meet tradepeople in Pinecrest Village and become their apprentice: Mr. Sykora at the shoe shop, Mr. Witt in the blacksmith shop, Mrs. Sorenson at her house, the newspaper reporter, school teacher, and the Pritzl's, who own the General Store. Learn how they are adapting to new technology and power to expand their businesses. This is a 3.5 hour program.

 1900 Pinecrest: Sawing logs

1900 Pinecrest: Sawing logs

1900 Pinecrest (any age or multi-age groups)

For an immersive and engaging visit, tour through Pinecrest Village as a potential resident in 1900. The tour will feature various roles for the students to take on while traveling through town. There will be a list of tasks that students must complete to achieve a specific role in Pinecrest Village.

We suggest allotting 2 hours to take part in this experience. 

 1872 School Experience

1872 School Experience

1872 School Experience (any age or multi-age groups)

Experience school in 1872. Interact with our school teacher to take part in lessons. If you finish your lessons promptly, there may be time for games. We suggest a 3.5 hour program and includes lunch time (students should bring their own lunch in a bucket, coffee can, or basket). 


Pioneer play (any age or multi-age groups)

Roll up your sleeves for this 1 hour or 1.5 hour long program all about pioneer play! You will take part in popular turn of the 20th century games and toys, and even make your own toy to take home.