Classroom Resources

Below are some ideas on how to further bring your history lessons to life, either before or
after your visit to the Manitowoc County Historical Society.


Mail Call: Special Spring Activity

Teachers: are you looking for a fun exciting way to have your students work on writing skills, learn some history, or even explore some concepts of STEM in your class?

Here is your students chance to write to a civil war solider in one of units in the Civil War. There is no cost to you as the teacher other than envelopes, paper, and the most valid your class time.

Where the letters go: Soldiers will be given the letters in their respective units at the Union Solider Remembers event on May 20th or 21st.

What should the students write about: Students can ask question to soldiers on their education, advancing technology, their job before the war, why they are fighting the war, well really just a bout anything. 

What will happen: Students will get a response on their letter from the unit they wrote to.

The letters can be dropped off at MCHS by April 30.


Manitowoc County History: "We Didn’t Start the Fire" Parody Song

The following is a parody of "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel (1989).  The parody was created to showcase and educate about the rich history of innovation, hard work, and good spirit of the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin community. Thank you to John Stelzer, Drums, and Steve Proszenyak, Artist/Producer.

Lyrics to the parody can be found HERE. To learn about the people, places, and events in the parody, please visit the Manitowoc County Historical Society.