Pre-Visit Information, Forms, and Post-Visit Survey

Thank you for choosing the Manitowoc County Historical Society as your educational destination! Your adventure is about to begin!
Below you will find the following pre-visit materials designed to help you prepare for your field trip:

Teacher Field Trip Checklist

Chaperone Information

Important Forms and Materials

Experience Area Descriptions

Museum Store Bags


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teacher field trip checklist

Prior to your visit please complete each item on this check-list.

  • Review the pre-visit orientation packet (download here).

  • Print off the check in-form (download here) and have it ready when you arrive.

  • View our site map (download map) to see where your experiences will take place. Maps for your specific tour experience will also be printed and available for your groups when you arrive at the Manitowoc County Historical Society.

  • Make copies of the chaperone materials (download chaperone sheet)

  • Send home permission slips and notes to parents. You can also send home Museum Store bag order forms. Learn more about our Museum Store bags below.

  • Recruit adult chaperones. (One for every 10 students is admitted free. Additional chaperones are $6.00).

  • Divide students into groups and assign an adult leader to each group.


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Museum store bags

Enjoy pre-packaged souvenir items as a lasting reminder of your field trip.

Educators: Please make copies of this order form and send it home with your students’ field trip information. The following pre-purchased Experience Bag options allow students to order items prior to visiting the Manitowoc County Historical Society. The items can be picked up after your tour.

Placing Your Order: The items must be ordered 2 weeks before your scheduled tour date. Sales tax is included in all listed prices. Orders should be placed as a group, with individual orders attached so each bag can be labeled with the students’ names. The total due must be paid with one check (payable to MCHS), cash, or charge card.

For more information: please contact MCHS at (920) 684-4445 or

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Date of visit
Date of visit
Have you booked a group visit at MCHS in the past?
How did you hear about MCHS?
To what extent do you think the field trip enabled your students to practice the following
To what extent do you think the field trip enabled your students to practice the following
Communication skills (ability to share ideas orally, visually, or in writing)
Critical thinking and problem solving skills (ability to draw conclusions based on historical evidence)
Collaboration skills (ability to work together)
Creativity skills (ability to role play, imagine, or brainstorm ideas)