Pinecrest Dedication, 1977

Pinecrest Dedication, 1977

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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Pinecrest Village we would like to invite you to share your Pinecrest memory. Submissions will be reviewed by MCHS staff before they are publicly posted. By submitting your story you may be placed on our "share your memory" page.

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This Historical Society does an upstanding job at protecting artifacts and saving the history of our community. I have been to Pinecrest many times and throughly enjoy listening to the history of each building, what the building was used for and who had owned the building. And to think that most of the people who help the historical society are non- paid volunteer who love helping this particular organization. Two thumbs up to you all !
— Kim S.
Ingalls Tea was amazing!! Everything from the picturesque setting & view walking through the village to the talented speaker and storyteller. The tea was perfect on the hot day. The cookies and desserts exceeded my expectations. I have never had such amazing lemon cookies. Generous platters full of treats with an unbelievable variety. I felt honored to be able to attend this spectacular event!
— Sue M.