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Native American Roots

The head chief of most of the mixed bands in our area was Waumegesako, or the “Wampum”.   He was most commonly known as Chief Mexico.  According to records, he was born in 1789 and was “a man of fine physique, erect, over 6 feet in height, very dignified and courteous in his demeanor, possessing considerable strength of character, and more than ordinary intelligence.  In his dress he was plain and unassuming, indulging in none of the fineries and tinsel so common among Indians of both sexes.”

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History of Manitowoc County's Courthouses

The cornerstone for the current Manitowoc County Courthouse was laid on Saturday, September 30, 1905. The cost of the new courthouse was not supposed to exceed $100,000 but the final price tag came to about $233,000.  After committee and construction issues of its own, the courthouse was formally opened with impressive ceremonies on November 12, 1907.  During the dedication of the new courthouse, Wittmann wrote “Anent the dedication of the new palatial residence of the county government, today, let us give a parting thought to the old structure which for half a century served the purpose and which, in that time, was the scene of many a stirring incident in matters political and the tragical sides of human life and strife.”

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