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Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Attorney E. G. Nash also addressed the crowd and said " We have met today to formally dedicate this monument, and it is peculiarly appropriate that these ceremonies are held on the fifth anniversary of the termination of the most terrible and disastrous war in the history of the world.”

He went on to say, “This memorial is presented in the belief that it will forever stand as a sentinel to remind us that our county never in vain called our countrymen to defend our flag.”

According to the book “Manitowoc County Historical Markers and Memorials”, during World War I, Manitowoc County had more than 2,300 men in the service.  By the end of the war, 32 men were killed in action, 55 died of other causes, and more than 100 were wounded. 

We owe our freedoms to the sacrifice made by our nation's veterans.  Thank you to all who served our country and to those who continue to defend our freedom today.

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